Intercultural Relationships Part 2: Navigating the language barrier

language barriers in relationships

In part 1, I talked about how to navigate cultural issues. What about when this is compounded by a language barrier? Your home will probably have a dominant language, the one that both of you speak well enough to communicate in. This may be your native language, your partners, or perhaps even a third language which is a second language for both (such as the official language of the country you’re living in, and the couple have no other common language).

Most people can’t or don’t communicate effectively with people who already speak their native language, and we are unfortunately living in an era of declining social skills. When your partner is from a different language background, effective communication skills become even more important.

With the following advice I’m assuming there is enough language skill for most day-to-day communication, that you can generally understand each other, but may have occasional miscommunications or misunderstandings. These may arise from grammatical mistakes, misused or confused vocabulary, difficulty expressing complex ideas or forming complex sentences, etc.

Productivity Systems – How to Make Them Work for You

I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. Filled with beautiful hand lettered headings, detailed hand-drawn borders and dividers. Amazing illustrations, and somewhere in these artistic beauties are the mundane to-do lists and schedules of day-to-day life, shopping lists, and other lists.

Yeah I’m talking about Bullet Journals. If you know the pictures to which I refer you might be absolutely overwhelmed if you ever try to put one together yourself. You might be frustrated with the time consuming task of hand drawing layouts, making it ‘pretty’ and all that, and wonder when it will ever make you productive.

I have some tips for those of you out there who just want a productivity system which works for you, that doesn’t need to be glamorous or beautiful if it will only help you get things done.

This is mainly a framework to figure out a productivity system for yourself, it’s not a tutorial to implement any particular system. However, this approach should work whatever format you’re using (paper, digital or mixed), but you need to figure out the particulars for yourself. Tailoring your system to you and the information you need to manage, is the key. Using someone else’s system is like trying to fit into their clothes, there’s a chance they’ll fit, but you need to have a similar size or body shape (for productivity – have same needs and tendencies), even if they fit, they may not fit well.

These are my tips for finding your perfect system…

How to Bathe a Newborn

how to bathe a newborn

My main anxiety regarding baby care as a new parent was bathing. I worried that a squirmy, slippery baby would slip from my hands and get injured. I had heard a long time ago that the bathroom is the most deadly room in a home, it’s full of hard surfaces which are often wet, and become slippery. Bathtubs also create a drowning hazard. The thought of giving my newborn a bath terrified me….