The Biggest Killers of Human Potential

the biggest killers of human potential
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Ever wonder what’s holding you back in life? Read through this list of habits and traits that will inhibit you from reaching your potential.

We are all capable of growth and change. If you see yourself in any of these, remember it’s not set in stone. You can address the issue if you’re willing to.

Here’s my list of things that are killing your potential;

  1. Screen Time
    This is something which should be drastically limited especially if it tends to be used in an unproductive way. By unproductive I’m talking about social media, gaming, online chatting, and the ones no one likes to talk about but are an issue for many; porn and gambling. Screen time kills your potential by wasting your time with low-value activities from which you gain very little if anything. Unless you’re using it for reading, study and research, or work, try to spend less time in front of screens. This includes TV, smartphones, computers, tablets etc.
  2. Gossip
    For those of you who like to gossip about others, I’ve got some bad news for you; most people are thinking more badly of you than the person who is the topic of the gossip. People will distance themselves from you because they will believe you will gossip and blab about anything they confide in you. You’re willing to gossip about others so there’s no reason to believe that you wouldn’t about them too. It undermines your personal relationships and people will try very hard to make you the last to know about anything.
  3. Your diet
    If you’re eating processed foods, lots of sugar and carbs, cured meats, and so on, you’ll probably notice that you feel pretty bad in yourself. You will likely have low energy, health problems such as pre-diabetes (or type 2 diabetes), headaches, or GI issues, trouble sleeping, and difficulty concentrating. In this state it’s really hard to achieve much of anything and even if you are able to study or work, you can do better once you reclaim your physical health.
  4. Dwelling on the past (ruminating)
    You can’t change the past, and dwelling on negative life events will only keep you stuck in a state of regret, shame or depression. Take what lessons you can from the experience, and let it go.
  5. Undiscovered health issues
    Ever been to a doctor about a problem, and they ran some basic tests which all came back fine and they blew you off? Well, if you feel somethings off, get a second opinion. Maybe your doctor didn’t look in the right places or run the right tests. This kind of thing is an issue particularly with very general symptoms such as fatigue. Most doctors will run a few basic tests but miss a lot of potential causes (and there are many, many things that can cause fatigue such as deficiencies, hormone imbalances, inflammation, viral infections, etc). As the person with the most vested interest in your own health, you need to advocate for yourself and take control.
  6. Your social media profile
    Potential employers will be looking at it. Social media can be quite dangerous for your career, especially if you’re in a field which requires a level of integrity, like law. People’s lives and reputations have been ruined by content they shared (or was shared by friends) on social media. With social media, you are essentially putting yourself out there to be judged. Keep it professional looking and keep as much of it as possible private.
  7. Low confidence
    Does this sound like you? ‘I shouldn’t even apply, I won’t get the job anyway.’ This kind of attitude is making you miss lots of great opportunities. Remember if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Don’t take rejection personally and learn to appreciate your strengths.
  8. Sense of Entitlement
    Not only is it obnoxious but if you feel you ‘deserve’ things and aren’t getting them it’s a recipe for being bitter, angry and depressed. It also takes any kind of joy out of getting something if you feel it’s right to have it anyway. Try to be grateful for what you have and you’ll find yourself being more content with what you have and happy for whatever else comes your way.

    For success attitude is equally important as ability
    For success attitude is equally important as ability
  9. Not being able to handle discomfort
    This trait will inhibit you in various ways. It will prevent you getting healthy, changing your eating habits, it will cause you to give up easily on things when they stop feeling good. It can also damage your relationships as you may be unwilling to deal with problems or difficult discussions, or allow close friends and family to confide in you. It will make you resistant to any changes, even good ones, because change in itself is often uncomfortable. Discomfort is not something you need to run from, learn to sit with it, and you’ll see it’s not all that hard to endure. For the things that can potentially be on the other side, a little discomfort is worth enduring.
  10. Not knowing when to give up
    There are times when you really need to let something go. Maybe it’s a toxic or abusive relationship, a business which is costing you more than it’s earning, or other things which you feel you’ve invested too much in to give up on. What I refer to here is a logical fallacy called ‘the sunk investment fallacy’ where you invested a lot in something so you keep trying to get that investment back, and in turn continue to invest more and more. The more you invest the longer you stay, even though it would benefit you more to cut your losses and move on. Remaining in a toxic, draining situation will of course, prevent you achieving bigger and better things. It sucks when that investment doesn’t pay off, but if you bet on a different horse, you might win the next time around.
  11. Not having or making steps toward goals
    You need to have some direction in life to know where to focus your energies. Make a vision for your life and then break down the steps to achieve this vision. Whether this is career, family, or education, success is how you define it. Try to work in a consistent direction, and revise your plan to deal with setbacks. You should be making daily steps toward your main goals also, if you want to be truly successful. Your daily efforts will add up.

I hope that’s helped some of you. Is there anything else you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments.


these 11 habits are sabotaging your life
these 11 habits are sabotaging your life

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