What a newborn wants you to know

what newborns want
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Do you wish your newborn could just tell you what they want instead of crying? Here are the things your newborn wants you to know. Remember to stop, breathe and choose love. Your newborn loves and admires you. Here are the things they want to tell you. What a newborn wants you to know:

You can hold me as much as you want

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do you ever wonder what your baby is trying to tell you when they cry? Well, wonder no more.

I love cuddles and being close to you. I love beıng held and ıt makes me feel safe and keeps me warm. Closeness to wıth parents is important to me and helps me feel loved and secure. Being close to you will soothe me when I am upset. I know your smell and your voice, and no one can replace you.

You can’t spoil me

I’m not capable of manipulating you. I’m helpless and I need you. I need your help to sleep, eat and be warm and clean. If I cry, it’s because I need you.

Crying is how I tell you that I need something, I don’t do it to make you angry, anxious, frustrated or sad.

I never want to make you angry or sad. I only want to tell you I need something.

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If you think you have taken care of all my needs, and I am still crying, hold me and comfort me.

Remember, I have emotional and developmental needs as well as physical ones. I need to connect with my parents, and I need their calm and comfort.

Smile at me and make eye contact, talk to me softly, hold me and rock me, have fun with me. This is how our relationship develops.

I love listening to your voice and watching your face. This is how I develop my language, social skills and learn about others. I want to connect with you and be loved by you.

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