Hand Wash Dishes Fast, Save Time and Sanity

how to hand wash dishes fast
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Want to hand wash dishes fast? I feel your pain. I don’t know anyone who enjoys doing dishes.

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy tends to be a problem area for many, myself included. If I let those dishes pile up, I lose any motivation to clean them, knowing how long it will take. If I stayed on top of them, there was no problem. However, it would really only take one bad day for them to get out of hand, after which they would continue to pile up.

As much as we’d love to have a dishwasher, we are renting and installing one would require some modifications to the home (something we don’t want to deal with).. Here’s how we hand wash dishes fast, as a family that cooks a lot…

  • Use baking soda to dissolve grease: Great for pans with baked on gunk. Put some baking soda and water, heat them, and the gunk will scrub off in seconds.
  • Rinse off dishes immediately after use: This is when cleaning will be easiest, so encourage your family to rinse their plates or better yet, completely clean it after use.

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  • Let dishes soak in hot, soapy water: If they haven’t been rinsed, soaking will make your job a lot easier. Use very hot water and 5-10 minutes should be enough.
  • Keep the sink clear: You need the sink to clean the dishes, and having to remove a bunch of dirty dishes from the sink so you can clean the sink, fill it with water and wash them, is nothing but a waste of time. Get your family to rinse their plates and put them on the counter, not in the sink.
  • If your glasses are coming out cloudy, soak a cloth in white vinegar diluted with some water and wipe them over with that.

I recommend using natural dish washing liquids. You can also find recipes to make your own online

The hotter the water, the easier things will be to clean, I recommend wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands. Not just from hot water, but from the detergents as well which can dry out or irritate your skin.

You’ll also be needing a dish brush. You can buy wooden brushes made from natural fibers in health food stores. For scrubbing, you can get scouring sponges made from coconut fibers (the fur found on the coconut shell).

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  1. Lavonda
    April 8, 2019

    Thanks for this – saved me loads of time

  2. Ingrid
    May 22, 2020

    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

  3. River
    July 10, 2020

    Great method and probably halved the time I spent on dishes, thank you.


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