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Want to keep moths out of your closet and protect your clothes made from natural fibers?

There’s nothing worse than investing money in organic cotton, wool and quality clothes only to find them becoming a feast for moths. Moths are perfectly preventable and the benefits of natural fibers far outweigh this con.

Natural moth balls are becoming harder and harder to find. Most stores these days seem to prefer stocking the plastic, pesticide laden ones. Not only are they unsafe, they STINK. That smell also doesn’t easily come out of clothes. It’s not exactly a good smell either.

Why do we need all those chemicals when nature already has a perfect solution?

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood repels moths naturally. You can buy moth balls made only from natural cedar wood. Non toxic and pleasant smelling. You can also often find sachets of cedar wood chips possibly mixed with dried flowers such as lavender.

When cedar wood loses its smell, it also stops repelling moths, however, it can be refreshed by giving it a rub with sandpaper. This also makes cedar balls a more cost effective solution than the pesticide laden, plastic variety.

Cedar wood has been used for this purpose for centuries in places like Turkey during Ottoman times. Of particular note is it’s use in protecting valuable oriental carpets. These were expensive, luxury items often made from wool or silk and involving hundreds or thousands of hours in labor. The carpets were often stored for a long time before being sold. This made them vulnerable to moths. Such carpets still sell for thousands today, imagine finding such a valuable item obliterated by moths – let alone potentially hundreds of them. Turkish merchants solved this problem by constructing the stores which sold such carpets out of cedar, which naturally repelled moths.

Today, we can also make use of Cedar Atlantica essential oil. You can make a room spray or use the essential oil in a diffuser.

Any of the above solutions will be effective in keeping moths away from your natural wardrobe.

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Other tips to prevent moths

Avoid leaving clothes on the line overnight. Wet, natural fiber clothes + darkness = moth heaven. Moths may lay eggs on the clothing overnight, which will then hatch in your closet, causing an infestation.

Avoid leaving doors or windows open at night. Particularly if you don’t have fly-screens or they’re damaged.

Have you seen any geckos around your home? let them be. You’ll often find them hanging out on your windows to catch and eat moths attracted by the light from your home. If you want to prevent moths, these geckos are your friend.

Remember, it’s the moth larvae that eat your clothes, not adult moths. Avoid bringing items in that may contain moth eggs. This includes clothes from op shops or items that have been in storage a long time. Wash items before placing them in your closet, particularly if second hand.

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Have moths been a problem for you once you’ve begun to detox your home and closet? Were there any other problems you’ve had with natural fibers? I’d like to hear. The last thing I’d want to see is anyone to give up on their eco-friendly journey because of these kinds of problems. Let me know so I can help find solutions.

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