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How to treat sunburn naturally

Want to treat your sunburn naturally? Would you like relief without all the nasty fillers found in store-bought products? Or maybe just looking for something safe for your kids?

You’ve come to the right place.

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How to be more environmentally conscious (without spending money)

For some people, living an eco friendly lifestyle may seem daunting or out of reach, and many would think of it in economic terms. Organic costs more, natural fibers cost more, installing solar has a big upfront cost/im renting and can’t make modifications, etc. My belief is that any change toward a more conscious lifestyle is better than none, and small things can still make a difference.

Here’s some ways you can be more environmentally conscious which are free, low cost or can save you money on things you already purchase.

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Hair Growth Oil Treatment

This is a homemade treatment to grow back thinning or slow-growing hair. I lived with thin hair most of my life and thought that was just a bad draw from the genetic lottery, but I was wrong. I did manage to get thick, healthy hair, with dietary changes and this treatment, so I’m sharing it with you all here. Continue reading

A guide to the best non-toxic materials for fibers and textiles

Now, why I am I not titling this post ‘eco friendly’? Well, every fiber has it’s pros and cons, and most of them aren’t farmed or manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Cotton uses tons of water and pesticides, viscose uses heavy chemicals in processing, animal fibers like wool and leather have issues like deforestation for grazing, water consumption etc and modern tanning techniques tend to rely on heavy chemicals. Even fibers which could be sustainable usually aren’t because of the level of consumption. Until we start consuming less, I don’t believe there will be anything truly eco-friendly. I see this issue basically as “pick your poison”

So this may leave you asking what’s the point? Natural fibers still have lots of benefits like being more comfortable and reducing plastic pollution down the line. Continue reading

The Biggest Killers of Human Potential

Ever wonder what’s holding you back in life? Read through this list of habits and traits that will inhibit you from reaching your potential.

We are all capable of growth and change. If you see yourself in any of these, remember it’s not set in stone. You can address the issue if you’re willing to.

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Non-toxic baby products to add to your amazon registry

Are you trying to find non-toxic baby products and always get disappointed with the plastic hell in stores? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve curated this list for those of you using Amazon’s baby registry (you can set one up here) or who are interested in detoxing their baby’s items to benefit their long term health.

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A Guide to Non Toxic Materials for Cookware and Food Storage

Looking to detoxify your living environment? It’s always best to start with your kitchen and the things you put directly into your body and anything which may contaminate those things. In this post we are examining the various types of cookware which are hazardous to your health. Recent research has shown that metals and harmful substances can leech into your food from your cookware causing various effects – neurotoxicity, hormone disruption, and increasing your risk of developing cancer.

While we may not be able to avoid all toxic exposures in our lives, we can at least do our best to reduce them as much as possible. Cleansing your food supply (reducing processed foods and additives) and reducing sources of contamination is a great place to start with any detox regime. So here are the safest materials to use around food, as well as ones to avoid. Continue reading

How I managed gestational diabetes with diet and exercise only

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes is tough. When I got pregnant, I knew I had a lot of risk factors, but the diagnosis was still a bit of a shock. Before pregnancy, I had made a lot of progress with weight loss. I was hoping that this would be enough to reduce my risk, but it wasn’t. At 26 weeks I had the glucose tolerance test, and was informed of the bad news. I was devastated. I let myself be sad for a couple of days, then I started doing research.

This second part, is the important part. I took the initiative to learn about it myself. I was booked in to see a dietician after my results came back, but I can say that if I tried to follow what she said I would not have been able to stick to it, felt a failure, and ended up on insulin or other drugs to control my sugar levels.

What they advised was, heavy restriction of both carbs and fat. What is left after this? Fibre and protein. A great way to rapidly become emaciated. It might be an ok diet for short term weight loss, but this is not particularly appropriate during pregnancy.

What I opted for instead was a low carb keto diet. It kept my blood sugar in a great range, and I maintained a decent weight range. Growth scans also showed my baby was growing normally, not the high growth rate you’d expect with gestational diabetes. He was born at a healthy, normal weight of 3.5kg, and I was also able to carry him to my due date and avoid an early induction.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I hope you can be inspired by my story.

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Productivity Systems – How to Make Them Work for You

I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram. Filled with beautiful hand lettered headings, detailed hand-drawn borders and dividers. Amazing illustrations, and somewhere in these artistic beauties are the mundane to-do lists and schedules of day-to-day life, shopping lists, and other lists.

Yeah I’m talking about Bullet Journals. If you know the pictures to which I refer you might be absolutely overwhelmed if you ever try to put one together yourself. You might be frustrated with the time consuming task of hand drawing layouts, making it ‘pretty’ and all that, and wonder when it will ever make you productive.

I have some tips for those of you out there who just want a productivity system which works for you, that doesn’t need to be glamorous or beautiful if it will only help you get things done.

This is mainly a framework to figure out a productivity system for yourself, it’s not a tutorial to implement any particular system. However, this approach should work whatever format you’re using (paper, digital or mixed), but you need to figure out the particulars for yourself. Tailoring your system to you and the information you need to manage, is the key. Using someone else’s system is like trying to fit into their clothes, there’s a chance they’ll fit, but you need to have a similar size or body shape (for productivity – have same needs and tendencies), even if they fit, they may not fit well.

These are my tips for finding your perfect system…

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