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How to treat sunburn naturally

Want to treat your sunburn naturally? Would you like relief without all the nasty fillers found in store-bought products? Or maybe just looking for something safe for your kids?

You’ve come to the right place.

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A guide to the best non-toxic materials for fibers and textiles

Now, why I am I not titling this post ‘eco friendly’? Well, every fiber has it’s pros and cons, and most of them aren’t farmed or manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Cotton uses tons of water and pesticides, viscose uses heavy chemicals in processing, animal fibers like wool and leather have issues like deforestation for grazing, water consumption etc and modern tanning techniques tend to rely on heavy chemicals. Even fibers which could be sustainable usually aren’t because of the level of consumption. Until we start consuming less, I don’t believe there will be anything truly eco-friendly. I see this issue basically as “pick your poison”

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Non-toxic baby products to add to your amazon registry

Are you trying to find non-toxic baby products and always get disappointed with the plastic hell in stores? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve curated this list for those of you using Amazon’s baby registry (you can set one up here) or who are interested in detoxing their baby’s items to benefit their long term health.

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