Homemade Washing Powder Recipe

So, I finally decided to try making homemade washing powder, and I’m so glad that I did. This stuff works really 100 times better than any washing powder or detergent I have ever bought.

The tea tree oil has great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. Great for washing cloth diapers or any items contaminated with yeast. Also great for getting funky smells out of stored clothes and sheets.

This powder is also great for washing cloth diapers, particularly if you’ve had issues with yeast or fungal skin infections.

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I’ve been adding tea tree oil to my washing for a while, but this washing powder has made a huge difference. Nothing ever needs to go back for a 2nd wash because it came out still stained.

Using a recipe like this will also save you tons of money. When a box of washing powder is starting at like $20, why wouldn’t you want to make your own for a fraction of the price?

This powder removed many set in stains and clothes came out smelling great too. Here’s what I did.

You will need

  • 1 packet of pure soap ( 4 x 125g bars = 500g total)
  • 1 packet of washing soda (1kg)
  • Tea tree oil

Both the soap and washing soda should be found in the laundry aisle of the supermarket (around where products like Borax are kept).

Tea tree oil is also available from the supermarket, it should be with the medicines are supplements. Just make sure you get pure tea tree oil, not one diluted with other substances (many tea tree products labelled as antiseptics will have other things in them).


  1. Grate soap into a large container using a cheese grater
  2. Add wash soda
  3. You’re done! No need to contaminate your blender or food processor.

How to use your homemade washing powder

  • Use a small scoop for each wash (you can use one from an old box of store-bought powder)
  • add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil into each load.
  • Enjoy your fresh, hygienic clothes.

Natural and effective homemade washing powder

No borax, no harmful chemicals, and very effective. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It’s a win for everyone.

Should I blend homemade washing powder?

The only downside to not blending up the soap is that it doesn’t disperse evenly in the container. However, if you get approximately 50/50 of the two ingredients when you scoop, everything will be fine. You can blend the powder if you really want, but I see it as unnecessary hassle. Not blending will not affect it’s ability to dissolve in the machine during washing.

You could even keep the 2 ingredients in separate containers so you can take even amounts when adding to your wash – that’s all up to you.

Are washing soda and baking soda the same?

No. Washing soda will much more effective than baking soda. However, many other homemade washing powder recipes do use baking soda instead of or in addition to wash soda. It is an effective cleaner and deodorizer, however, for laundry, wash soda is a better option if you can find it. It is a water softener (binds to minerals) and this will allow your clothes to be better cleaned.

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How to Prevent Crying in Infants

Is your baby crying a lot? Do you wonder what the secret is for having a chilled out, happy baby?

People often comment to me how relaxed and happy my son is. He has a bad day now and again, but generally he is a very easy, relaxed baby. That’s not to say he just sits around, he’s quite active. However, he rarely cries, is often capable of entertaining himself, and happy.

These are my tips on surviving the newborn period with minimal crying.

How to have a calm baby

Be predictable in meeting your baby’s needs. Don’t wait for them to start wailing before you feed them, learn the early cues. Even a newborn will give you a lot of hints before he starts screaming to be fed. These cues include making sucking motions with their mouth and biting or sucking their hands. If your baby is screaming, you’ve left it late. Similarly, babies don’t always cry immediately when they need changing. Keep on top of their needs, and they will cry less.

Give your infant lots of eye contact and hold them. If you’re keeping them in a cot or swing a lot of the time, and not handling them much, you will have a fussy baby. Infants need to be held, cuddled and be close to their mum. They need to know their mother loves and accepts them, which they will understand when you look in their eyes, rather than away from them. When your baby gets enough attention, they will be content and let you get your things done, too.

Have routines. This is another point on being predictable. Children, and humans generally, thrive on routine. Particularly for bedtime, the routines you make now will become powerful sleep cues. This will help your baby to fall asleep more easily, and have some rituals that they find comforting and relaxing.

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how to have a calm baby

Keep arguments away from the baby. Babies have no sense of being separate from their environment. Hearing or seeing their parents fight will make them frightened and insecure, causing more crying and fussiness. These kinds of experiences may also cause a fear response in other situations. For example, they may become sensitive to loud noises and cry more.

Don’t take out your frustrations on the baby. Yes, they can be frustrating. You may think your baby doesn’t care about you when he is screaming and disrupting your sleep, or screams when you put him down because you need to pee. Try not to yell at the baby if you’re feeling frustrated. It is better to take a few minutes to compose yourself and let them cry, than to yell at them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please reach out for help from friends, family or services.

Take your baby outside. You’d be surprised how much a change in environment or some time in nature can calm a fussy baby. My husband used to take our son for a short walk on those bad days when he was inconsolable, it was often effective.

Exclusively breastfeed if you can. It’s no secret that formula causes a lot of constipation, gas and belly pain. Babies can still suffer gas pains when breastfed but breast-milk is what nature intended babies to eat, so it’s much easier on their stomach and digestion. Breastfeeding is also very calming and will soothe a crying baby quickly. If breastfeeding is not possible, try to find a formula that doesn’t make your baby constipated.

The Most Important Tip…

For Infants, tend to crying immediately when possible. There is an old-school ideology that if you respond to a baby’s cry right away they will use it to manipulate you. This might be true for toddlers and older children but young babies only cry when they NEED something. Your newborn is not capable of manipulating you. If you leave a baby to cry long enough, and they frequently do not get a response, they will shut down thinking they are alone.

This teaches them to stop communicating their needs because there is no one around who cares to tend to them. This creates feelings of insecurity. While it may shut down the expression of their sadness and frustration, the emotions will still be there. This will cause emotional problems for the child. If they know you will attend their needs, they won’t feel like they need to scream and fuss to get your attention.

It is unreasonable to expect a baby to be able to self-soothe fresh out of the womb when they can’t even lift their own head or move independently. Ignoring them will affect their developing personality and cause ongoing problems.

The only exception to tending crying immediately, should be when you need to tend your own needs. You’re allowed to let your baby cry for a minute to get some water, go to the bathroom, or whatever you need to do to maintain yourself. You don’t need to be perfect, but try to give an immediate response to infants the majority of the time.

Give me some feedback – leave a comment

Let me know what you think or if these tips worked for you. Would love to hear your feedback.

Want more tips for caring for your newborn? Learn how to bathe a newborn here. Learn about using pacifiers here. Or, just check out my parenting category.

How to save Money on Electricity

Save electricity to reduce your power bill.

Did you just get a shock from your power bill? Are you just interested in how you can use less electricity for environmental reasons or just saving extra cash?

This article is another expanding a bit on an earlier piece on general ways you can save money. You can read that article here.

I have covered here some basic tips for saving on the electric bill. These do not include specific tips for keeping your home warm in winter, as it’s currently summer here and the last thing I want to think about is being more hot. I also think it’s an area which warrants its own post.

So here are some tips that will help you save on energy year-round….

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Hand Wash Dishes Fast, Save Time and Sanity

Want to hand wash dishes fast? I feel your pain. I don’t know anyone who enjoys doing dishes.

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy tends to be a problem area for many, myself included. If I let those dishes pile up, I lose any motivation to clean them, knowing how long it will take. If I stayed on top of them, there was no problem. However, it would really only take one bad day for them to get out of hand, after which they would continue to pile up.

As much as we’d love to have a dishwasher, we are renting and installing one would require some modifications to the home (something we don’t want to deal with).. Here’s how we hand wash dishes fast, as a family that cooks a lot…

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Want to treat your sunburn naturally? Would you like relief without all the nasty fillers found in store-bought products? Or maybe just looking for something safe for your kids?

You’ve come to the right place.

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Moving Tips for a less stressful move

We’ve just finished moving to a new house, hence the lack of updates around here recently. I’m hoping to get back to my twice-weekly posting schedule ASAP now that most of the unpacking and so on is finished and we’re a bit more settled in.

So anyway, I thought I may as well make a post about moving, considering this recent experience.

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Tropical Smoothie Recipe

This tropical smoothie is a tasty, refreshing summer drink. It requires only 4 ingredients. It’s quick, easy and healthy. This delicious smoothie also has a dairy free option.

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Pacifier Use – risks, benefits and tips.

You will find here everything you need to know about the pros and cons of pacifier use for your baby.

This was something I really thought long and hard about while I was pregnant with my first. For many it is a controversial topic. Should you let your baby use a pacifier or just let them suck their thumb or fingers? Does it really matter in the long run?

These are all the arguments for and against pacifier use…

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